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5 Unbelievable Benefits of Bamboo Fabric!

  I think that most people know that bamboo is a natural, sustainable fibre with a beautiful drape and lustre but what I don’t think people know is what other great benefits this fabric exhibits which are listed below! Breathability:  This fabric feels warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot!  How great is that?   It is highly absorbent and quick drying:  This makes it more suitable than cotton and better for rainy days which is great for us here on the West Coast who tend to experience a lot of rainy weather! Anti-microbial:  Sweaty hands?  NO problem :) Hypoallergenic:  Especially compared to wool (or even hemp) which means that bamboo gloves would be great layered...

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Why Ayla?

  Why Ayla? When I set out to find a name for my new fingerless glove company, the criteria was simple…it had to be short (and hopefully memorable) and it had to appeal to women (as I was selling a fashion accessory product for women) and while I was searching for a name from my roots which would be Croatian or Scottish, it ended up being Turkish!  But it's works perfectly and I will explain why below... 1) First of all the pronunciation..it is meant to sound the same as the Scottish name Isla. Pronounced Eye-La.  (But honestly if you want to call it eh-la, that is fine too..I won't complain :) )  I love the fact that is soft and...

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Top 5 Reasons to Own AylaGloves!

For my first blog post I would like to discuss the top 5 reasons for you to own a pair of Ayla Gloves!: 1)They feel good..yep they do!  I can't explain this one…you just need to try for yourself or check out our Reviews …It is all about the feeling right? 2)You will be stylin'…With all of the 3/4 sleeve jackets and tops now, these gloves provide continuity down through to your hands.  Now with the colour-blocked styles coming in, you can choose the combination which will fit in with your look.  Or else keep to the classics..I still love my black pair!   3)They are functional too!  Because they cover the pulse point at the wrist they keep you...

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