Top 5 Reasons to Own AylaGloves!

For my first blog post I would like to discuss the top 5 reasons for you to own a pair of Ayla Gloves!:

1)They feel good..yep they do!  I can't explain this one…you just need to try for yourself or check out our Reviews …It is all about the feeling right?

2)You will be stylin'…With all of the 3/4 sleeve jackets and tops now, these gloves provide continuity down through to your hands.  Now with the colour-blocked styles coming in, you can choose the combination which will fit in with your look.  Or else keep to the classics..I still love my black pair!  

3)They are functional too!  Because they cover the pulse point at the wrist they keep you warm and leave your fingers free to carry out all your daily activities from answering the phone, texting, walking the dog, taking out the garbage(sigh), combing your hair or... whatever!  In fact, you never really need to take them off...

4) They are environmentally-friendly as they are made from a natural, sustainable product…bamboo!  As well, we ship using minimal shipping material to minimize the carbon imprint as much as possible!  So you can feel good about doing your part for the environment too…:)

5)Finally, last but not least…here is the fun part!  Once you have your gLOVEs on, you can post a photo of yourself (don't be shy) to the instagram account aylagloves to show what activity you like doing with them on (nothing obscene please..) and where inthe world you are located whether you are from Norfolk, England or North Carolina, USA!  Let's see where in the world AylaGloves are being worn!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will check out the rest of the website or alternatively go to to do some pinning!

Next blog post due in 2 weeks!  Topic:  The naming of AylaGloves!

Happy Valentines!

Now go get your gLOVEs on...


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