Why Ayla?


Why Ayla?

When I set out to find a name for my new fingerless glove company, the criteria was simple…it had to be short (and hopefully memorable) and it had to appeal to women (as I was selling a fashion accessory product for women) and while I was searching for a name from my roots which would be Croatian or Scottish, it ended up being Turkish!  But it's works perfectly and I will explain why below...

1) First of all the pronunciation..it is meant to sound the same as the Scottish name Isla. Pronounced Eye-La.  (But honestly if you want to call it eh-la, that is fine too..I won't complain :) )  I love the fact that is soft and feminine sounding name with no harsh sounds.  I also feel that it is a name that appeals to the yoga community (don't they love words with "y" in them?) as the fingerless gloves do have a yoga aesthetic to them!  

2 )Next the meaning...Ayla is a common Turkish feminine name that means "halo of light around the moon." It literally means shining light, illumination and joy. Part of the business philosophy we have embraced is one that is heart-centred, feminine-based which to us translates to women making empowered choices that make them feel good about themselves. No hard sale here!  

3) And finally overall, I love the fact that the name Ayla, while small, packs a lot of powerful meaning representing women feeling good about themselves from the inside out which is our goal with Aylagloves!  

Sometimes it is the small things in one’s day that can lift your spirits...such as putting on a pair of gloves...

So, get your gLOVEs on!  

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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