About Ayla Gloves...

Long fingerless gloves made from bamboo fabric 

  • These fingerless gloves are made from bamboo which is a sustainable resource.  Rayon from bamboo is highly water absorbent and soft to touch.  This creates the ability for easy wicking and is so very comfortable against the skin, leaving you cooler and drier than synthetics or cotton.  The smooth texture and natural luster leads to an excellent draping abiility that is similar to silk but more practical since it is machine washable.  Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.
  • The gloves are "one size fits all" and  measure approximately:  38 cm long, 16 cm at top of glove which lays just above the knuckles, 18 cm at wrist and 21 cm at top of the arm (keep in mind there is more room with additional stretch)  They tend to mold to your hands and it is not intended that the gloves be pulled all the way up the arm straight and flat.. instead the styling is intended to be more relaxed and unstructured, slouched down around the wrist as can be seen in the photos.
  • A unique perk?  They do not need to be removed when one is washing their hands(or conducting other important functions!)..simply release the thumb and slide the gloves up higher around the wrist and voila!  No lost or soiled gloves! 
  • These gloves are made locally in Vancouver, BC Canada.  They are natural, sustainable and made in an ethical fashion.
  • In keeping with our environmentally-friendly mandate, all orders are shipped in as little packaging material as possible in order to reduce waste. 
  • We believe that fashion should not only look good on the outside but make you feel good on the inside as well.


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