About Ayla...

Ayla Gloves..fingerless gloves handmade with love from Vancouver, Canada.
It all began simply with a dream of pursuing a passion of doing something inspirational in this world.
Janet has always loved fashion and particularly after a trip to her favourite country, Italy a few years ago she was greatly inspired by their use of accessories and how they layered their clothing. It was something she had not seen here on the West Coast..
So she decided to focus on a fingerless glove product primarily for their functionality, uniqueness and great ability to transition from workout/yogawear to street chic! On top of that, she was inspired to produce gloves that were made locally from environmentally sustainable natural fabric, bamboo for its softness as well as for all of its amazing properties (absorbent, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, breathability and uv protection)!  This combines her love for fashion AND her belief in aspiring towards a healthy lifestyle and quality of living including being more environmentally-aware.
These bamboo fingerless gloves are lightweight and their smooth texture and natural luster leads to an excellent draping ability that is similar to silk but more practical since it is machine washable! The fact that they are fingerless allows you to operate your smart phone with ease (without having to remove your gloves) The gloves are available in different fashion-forward colours to mix with your wardrobe and their lightness makes them highly suitable for wearing on their own in temperate climate or as a liner under heavier gloves in colder climates. Once you have one pair you will be hooked wanting more colours to change up from as you move through your day as you live, work and play!
We at Ayla believe in enjoying a healthy and balanced lifestyle..and that also includes being empowered and making choices that support your individual growth and well-being. We feel that your purchases especially in today's world should reflect not only who you are and what you believe in but leave you feeling inspired and happy!
The name "Ayla" is a Turkish woman's name that means "shining light"..and refers to our philosophy of making inspired choices that make you feel good not only for ourselves but for our environment as well. Sometimes it is the small simple things in one’s day that can lift your spirits...such as putting on a pair of Ayla gloves :0)
Below, our talented seamstress Quyen Lam hard at work!
Our Ayla Gloves seamstress

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