About Janet...

Janet started her online shop on etsy on October19th,2013 but it has taken a mountain of time and energy for her to bring this endeavour of passion together..AylaGloves!  She is totally excited to bring her long fingerless gloves made from bamboo which she loves out to the world!  
With a background in Nutrition and Healthcare (she still is a practicing Dietitian), she has always had a love for fashion especially accessories dating back to shopping trips with her family to Seattle,  Washington being delighted with finds such as gloves, socks, stockings or scarves…the selection was always endless! 
Born and raised in Vancouver, she is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoys activities such as running on the seawall, doing half marathons (especially in wine growing regions), yoga, pilates and barre fitness.  
The long fingerless gloves were inspired from fashion pieces discovered on pleasure trips to Italy, her absolute favourite destination!  Che magnifica!  
On top of that, she was inspired to produce gloves that was made locally from environmentally sustainable natural fabric, bamboo!  This combines her love for fashion and her belief in adopting a healthy lifestyle and quality of living which also means being more environmentally-aware.
She is located in the beautiful west coast (albeit sometimes a little rainy) city of Vancouver, BC  Canada
Janet is extremely pleased to be launching her own website but will continue to have a shop on etsy as she absolutely has loved the support she has received from the etsy Community!  She has a huge respect for all the artisan designers on the site and admires them for their workmanship and dedication to their craft…she finds them absolutely inspiring!
Janet would not be able to undertake all of this selling fingerless gloves made from bamboo fabric without the help of Flor!  Much gratitude goes to her for this..otherwise this would not all be possible.
Janet plans to write on her Ayla blog post and will cover topics regarding her gloves, sustainability, becoming an entrepreneur and of course what it means to have your gLOVEs on...
To learn more, please also check out Janet's boards at www.pinterest.com/aylagloves

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