• I love your gloves.  My first orders were through Etsy when I lived in Bethesda, MD.  I moved to Victoria, BC in 2015 and got them for my sisters. I used to wear them at work back East in the winter and they were great for outdoors in the Spring and Fall.  Here on the Island I can wear them most of the year.  They are great for when I do my Friday walks as I use walking poles and full gloves are too hotbed I need something to keep my hands warm enough and my wrists...Cheryl Brunton-Dubbs, Victoria, BC  Canada (March 13, 2018)

      • these are great.  i needed them to stop getting reactions to the heat of my laptop.  i spend hours and hours on it and the heat and ledge can leave all kinds of irritations on my skin, the bamboo and long length protect me fully now....Carol Irvin, Cleveland, Ohio, United States (January 15, 2016)


      • I like these gloves!  The quality is great and they look nice....Konstantin Grusha  Nicosia, Cyprus (January 12, 2016)


      • These are actually prettier than they look in the picture. The seams in the top of the hand make them look more elegant...Genevieve Mattie Zebulon, North Carolina, United States (January 8, 2016)


      • Love them! ....Katie Sannito (The Gourmet Goddess) Munster, Indiana, United States  (January 7, 2016)


      • Love these. Thank You! Keeps my hands warm in the studio..Hanna Burruss Lynchburg, Virginia, United States (January 3, 2016)


      • Beautiful gloves in a very soft and warm fabric. Keeps me warm without the bulk. Love them and Beautiful gloves with just the right fabric.  I love wearing them...Patti Enns  Chico, California, United States (December 30, 2015)


      • Another great pair to wear at work/Thanks again so much, love them...Ginger Hallgren  Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta,Canada (December 5. 2015)


      • Very nice gloves; well made! Love the way they look on me. :)
        Thank you!:D ...Sandy Croeze  Baton Rouge, Lousiana, United States       ( December 1st, 2015)


      • I love these so much I have bought several pairs for myself in different colours and for gifts as well! Great! Keeps your forearms warm...Cheryl  Brunton-Dubbs  Victoria, BC, Canada  (November 30, 2015)


      • Will keep me warm when I go for a hike! Great for nature or everyday wear! <3<3<3 Very pretty! Janet is friendly, communicates quickly and offers suggestions for matching colours for an outfit to go with these beauties! <3 ...Stephanie Thai  Vancouver, BC, Canada  (November 19, 2015)


      • Unexpectedly soft and tender fingerless gloves. I recommend warmly ...Mirjana Pes   Pula, Croatia  (October 19, 2015)


      • The block coloring is so much fun! Plus, these soft gloves allow me to take care of my hands and still be stylish.These soft gloves allow me to take care of my hands and still be stylish. Plus, the color is wonderful....Lindsey Scruggs, The Woodlands, Texas, United States  (Sept 3, 2015)

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