chic mid-length fingerless gloves from bamboo-teal
chic mid-length fingerless gloves from bamboo-teal
chic mid-length fingerless gloves from bamboo-teal

Long fingerless gloves made from bamboo/teal

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NEW length! Long fingerless gloves (gloves extend to a length of 37 cm long..

Still made from bamboo fabric making them wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear!

Get your gLOVEs on for 2016!

As a fashion accessory:

Stylish and chic these gloves are a perfect addition to your outfits in an array of colours that can be described as very "West Coast" and natural…discover stellar blue, dark shadow, rainforest and lake…along with flint grey and some soft feminine tones such as rose brown and mellow rose!

For sport:

-the natural bamboo fabric makes it perfect for sport:




-ideal for yoga, cycling or walking your dog (Vancouver's favourite pastimes!)

-also can be used for more specialty sports such as archery, shooting, windsurfing and kayaking as well as for fishermen, hunters and golfers among others!

-Use these gloves as liners for skiing and snowboarding!

For functionality:

-The bamboo fabric is:


-offers uv protection

-For warmth…without having to take gloves on and off for certain tasks such as preparing a meal, using a smart phone, deal with money at a cashier or even eating lunch! 

-ideal for protection from sun exposure on the hands and arms especially while driving

-for those with skin sensitivities, fibromyalgia, neuralgias, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis or other like conditions

For work:

-Ideal for those working in a cool environment either outdoors or indoors in an office or warehouse who need some coverage but still need their fingers free for tactile functions such as using a computer keyboard etc.

Examples: musicians, photographers, outdoor market workers, furniture stagers

For leisure:

-Going to a hockey game (another one of Vancouver's favourite pastimes!)

-Going for a motorcycle ride and don't like the feeling of getting air up your sleeve and wrist!

What will be your reason?

Ayla gloves…because your hands need some styling too…!


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